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03. The Bitly/Short/Rebrandly Tab

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The Bitly/Short/Rebrandly tab enables you to quickly connect to your preferred link shortening tool.

1. Connecting to Bitly.

You need to have an active account with Bitly to be able to connect with it. No code is required to setup the connection. All you need to do is click on the green button “Add Bitly account”, and you will be guided through a friendly and secure authentication method that takes seconds. Only you have access to your own account. We have no access to your passwords.

Here is a 5-minute video showing you how to connect with Bitly and Google and what the benefits are:

2. Connecting to is a great alternative to Bitly. We like that they provide FREE custom domains and their reports are really nice.

How to add to CampaignTrackly

  1. You need to have an active account with Short. Once you create a free account, decide on your domain.

2. Retrieve Your Secret Code from the API tab in

3. Copy the Code

4. Go to Campaigntrackly’s Settings. Paste it into CampaignTrackly and add your new custom domain.

5. You are connected and ready to start using

6. Enjoy the Nice Reports that offers as well.

3. Connecting to Rebrandly

Connecting to Rebrandly follows a similar fashion. If you already have an account with them, make sure you generate an API key.

Then, login to your CampaignTrackly account, head over to Settings, and provide your preferred custom domain, as well as your API key.

And that’s all! You are now all set to have our app automatically shorten your links with a link shortener of your choice. Happy tracking!