03. Our API

Why Use the CampaignTrackly API #

We offer our customers a fully functional API that enables them to set up programmatic connections to external applications that need to send our platform data or receive data from us.

3 Good Reasons to Use the API #

  • Completely programmatic transfer of data ensures data integrity
  • Remove manual touch points to minimize errors and delays
  • Offload menial jobs so that your team can free up time to focus on strategic projects

API Access #

Our API is protected via application password that is generated for every user. The Enterprise and Pro+Excel AI customers have this function enabled automatically.

Please contact us at support@campaigntrackly.com to discuss how we can enable this feature for you if you are on the Pro and Starter plan.

How Does the API Work #

  1. Go to our Integrations menu
  2. If the API access has been enabled for you – you will see the API settings link which will enable you to generate an API key with a single click. You can copy your API key for the next step (one-click integrations like Excel and Salesforce do not require you to copy, paste, or remember your key).
  3. Click on the Authorize icon and provide your API Key – note that our function has advanced since you last visited so we only require one key now.

For more information about our API and functionalities – please refer to our Documentation.

Developers: How to Test Our API with Specific End Points Using Postman #

Login to Postman and enter an API end point url to make sure everything works well.

  • Please make sure to use your API key in the Authorization section by selecting Bearer Token and populating it in the “Token” area.

Here is an example showing you how to extract a specific custom tag through our API:

Showing Postman Environment with correct expected output int the Body.

Machine-to-machine Integration #

We currently have fully automated workflows, which enable you to generate tracking links for your campaign directly from your platform of choice.

For example, if you have a SalesForce platform, you can generate a campaign and your tracking links with a few clicks – WITHOUT the need to come to our platform at all.

We currently have fully automated one-click connection workflows across Excel, HubSpot, SalesForce, Marketo, Adobe Workfront and other applications.

You do not have to use our one-click connections and can achieve the same automation using a python script and our Templates or Conventions api points.

Questions? Do not hesitate to ask us at support@campaigntrackly.com

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