04. Report Explorer

Report Explorer Helps You Pull & Export Custom Data from your GA Account #

In the Reports drop-down menu, you will see a brand new link “Report Explorer“. It enables you to select the Google Analytics dimensions and metrics you need to view in your reports. You can also export your data as an excel spreadsheet for your individual reporting needs. Steps to enable and use:

 1) Please make sure that before you start using the tool you hit the “Reload Metadata” button to enable our tool to collect all your data.

2) Start by entering “campaigns” in the Dimension” field and “Sessions” in the Metrics field.

3) To pull data for each one of your Goals, start by typing “Goal” in the Metrics field until you find the correct Goal number (between 1 and 20).

4) If you are looking to show in your reports custom tagging variables, such as “region=north-america”, “business-group=securities” and other custom tags, which have not been added to your Google Analytics as custom dimensions, you need to use the “filters” option to only view these.

  • In the filter, you will need to type the following *(we will make friendlier in time):
    • ga:landingpagepath=@business-group=securities
    • ga:landingpagepath stands for a URL link
    • =@ means “contains”
    • business-group=securities (type here your custom variable with its value as it appears in your link –  for example, if your link is: “https://www.yourdomain.com&utm-source=twitter.com@utm-content=blog&business-group=securities&utm_campaign=test”
  • Essentially, you are saying to Google Analytics, hey Google, show me ONLY the link that contains the tag business-group=securities in my link.

5) You can use this powerful report generator to extract a lot of fun data for your campaigns, but please note that since this is directly pulled from your account via API, the Google Analytics API limits the number of metrics/dimensions to only 10 at a time:).

View quick animated GIF below to see how a simple report works: #

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