00. Chrome Extension FAQs

How to get started with CampaignTrackly for Chrome #

1. How does the CampaignTrackly Extension work? #

Watch this 20-sec  animated image to view how it works, if you think you like it, download it here:

For more information on how the Chrome Extension, also known as the “Link Grabber” adds value to your team, please read this blog.

2. I downloaded the extension and clicked on it to start using it while on the Google Chrome Store. Nothing Happened. Is this extension not working? #

    • The extension, along with many other extensions won’t work on Google Chrome Store or even sometimes on its Gmail apps.
    • Just make sure you visit a webpage  – like the home page of your website, for example, and then either click on the extension’s icon available in the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser or right-click outside of the page content to grab its link. You can also right-click any live link on your page to auto-grab as well.
    • If you are just in the Chrome browser in an empty tab, the extension won’t work because there is no link to “grab”. When there is no link to grab, you might see this popup. Don’t worry – the extension works all right, just make sure you go to any page before you click to get started.

3.  I downloaded the extension, visited a website, different from Google Chrome Store, and clicked to start using it. This is what I saw – I am getting asked tolog inn or register, what to do next? #

CampaignTrackly Login

    • Step 1 – You need to create an account. Please go to our Pricing Page,  or register for the FREE plan to register. The extension is FREE, but you need to be registered to use it. It does not operate as a standalone app, it works together with the CampaignTrackly app.

    • Step 2 – Visit the Settings page of the web app to connect to your Ctrly and Google Analytics service – this is required if you want to auto-shorten your tracking links and view reports.
    • Step 3 – Go to any page, right-click anywhere on the page and select the CampaignTrackly icon to grab the URL of the page and open the tagging wizard.

5. I wanted to register but it is taking me to a generic pricing page. What to do? Which plan to choose? #

  • Our advice would be to get started with the FREE plan, available here. 
  • The extension works together with the web app because it stores all your campaigns for your records and reporting.

6. What are the steps to registering & using the extension? #

  1. Download the extension.
  2. Go to any website (outside of the Google Extension store)
  3. Click on the extension icon which will appear in the top right corner of your browser.
  4. A Sign-in/Register form will pop up if you are not signed in or if you don’t have an account with us.
  5. Create an account on our secure page and complete the registration instructions.
  6. After you create your account, you can start using the Chrome extension right away – just go on any web page, click the icon of the extension, and it will automatically parse the link for you so you can process.
  7. CampaignTrackly for Chrome will auto-generate but not shorten your links. You will need to login to app.campaigntrackly.com to add your Bitly account so you can benefit from automating your URL shortening process in one go, as your UTM links are generated.

7. How do I use the extension? Can you show me? I want to see it in action. #

  • Please watch this brief video or request a free 30-minute training session with us and we will be happy to help you out.

8. Where can I learn more about the CampaignTrackly tool? #

You can find more information on our public site here – www.campaigntrackly.com. Features are listed on our Features page too.

Once you register, you will be able to access our videos and other guides which will provide you with extensive information about the tool and how you can use it. It is really a very intuitive, zero-learning tool though:)).

9. When I try to use the extension it is asking me to login again and again, help? #

Google Chrome has launched its “samesite” cookie setup with its latest version of Chrome, which will suddently “break” apps and extensions that have not addressed this new requirement.

While we are currently redeveloping the site’s cookie aspects, the easiest way for you to find a workaround for this issue is the following:

  • Please visit the Google Chrome Flags Page, available here: chrome://flags/
  • Please perform a search on the page (click at the same time CMD+F (mac) or CTR+F (pc)) and type: “samesite”.
  • You will see 3 bullets that contain this word. These are options that Chrome have pre-set for you as “default”. Please change to “disable”, as keeping those enabled is still in experimental mode and affects extensions. Please see image below to understand what to disable”


CampaignTrackly Chrome Extension Help and Support #

How do I ask for help? #

We have a Chrome forum support group available here, but for customers, we recommend that you just email support@campaign-trackly.com or use the Facebook chat tool available on our Facebook Page.

Alternatively, you can use our online chat tool during our working hours – 8 am EST – 6 pm EST.

A real person will contact you and speak with you to offer support.

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