00. Setting up your account

Mastering CampaignTrackly: Your Ultimate Guide to Seamless Tracking #

Welcome to the world of CampaignTrackly! 🌐 Let’s dive into the highlights to supercharge your link tracking adventure:

1. Explore CampaignTrackly Like a Pro 🚀 #

Unveil the magic of CampaignTrackly’s menus and pages through an engaging video tour:

2. Marketing Campaigns #

If you need to build marketing campaign name tracking conventions, we suggest you start here. You can easily create your conventions – just drag&drop the custom tags you have created. This page allows you to add owner, date start/end, unique ID and start building UTM links by clicking the “build UTM links” button. If you decide to integrate with a CRM, you can automatically map and update desired fields.

3. URL Campaigns Menu: Your Daily Hub #

Access your URL Campaigns menu, Campaign Links, with a click. Here we list all your UTM links by Campaign name. You can click each campaign name to access the links, export them, use their QR codes and more. It is your link kingdom, where UTM link creations reside and await your command!

4. Choose Your URL Builder Adventure 🏰 #

Pick your potion from a treasure trove of UTM link building experiences:

  • Click&Add: Swiftly tag URLs in one go. Primarily used with our Chrome and Edge browser for an instant grab & tag from any website, but also available here.
  • Drag&Drop: Tag with style and ease, even in emails. This builder is available here and also turns on automatically when you are tagging the links as you are building your marketing email (Chrome or Edge extension required).
    • Both builders can use templates which save you even more time – super productivity unleashed!
  • Build links and export to Hootsuite with a click: Instantly tag bulk posts for Hootsuite (Pro plan).
  • Build links without leaving your Excel/Google Sheet: Excel users’ paradise (Pro+Excel plan).
  • Custom UTM Link building experience includes adding image references, auto-creating campaign conventions, building UTM links directly from SalesForce, HubSpot, WorkFront, Marketo and more. Tailored for business dreams (Enterprise plan). Contact us for a demo here.

5. Embrace Insights with Reports 📊 #

Navigate the Reports realm for visualizing campaign gold:

  • UTM Campaigns Overview + Single Campaign View: Clicks and Metrics across 7 Google Analytics 4 dimensions, oh my!
  • Shortened Link Insight: See Ctrly.io clicks by country, referrer, and time.
  • Link Visualization: see the Ctrly.io individual campaign report as well as the summary report.

6. Shape Your Destiny with Account Settings ⚙️ #

Customize your CampaignTrackly link rules, tag rules, and more. Share ideas for rewards!

7. Knowledge Base: Your Beacon of Wisdom 📚 #

Navigate the support haven and learn at your own pace.

8. Tag Library – UTM & Custom Tags 🏷️ #

Master UTM Source, Medium, Content, Term, and Custom Tags.

9. Template Library: Blueprint for Success 📄 #

Forge potent templates for standardized, accurate tracking links.

10. Integrations: Your Universe of Connections 🌌 #

Unleash tracking potential with integrations galore.

11. Profile: Your Command Center 🧭 #

Manage account info, payments, passwords, and more.

Ready to embark on a thrilling journey? Start crafting your tracking legacy today! 🌟

With this, we conclude our opening tutorial. Buckle up and click onward to continue your epic onboarding saga. 🎉

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