03. The UTM_Campaign Tag Library

Unleash Your Campaign Tagging Magic 🌟 #

Welcome to the UTM_Campaign Tag, where your tagging journey becomes a breeze! Let’s dive into these game-changing strategies:

Four Options to Generate UTM_Campaign: #

Go to the side barm select Tag Library>UTM Tags and click on the Campaign Tab. You will see 4 options to generate this important utm parameter:

1. Option One: Manual Entry #

Manual entry of your campaign title means that when you start tagging your link, you type in the campaign title every time you create a new campaign.

Whatever you type becomes your friendly Campaign name, displayed in our URL Campaigns table, and your UTM_campaign value that will be used for Google Analytics to group your tracking links for reporting.

Plus, for existing campaigns, just pick from the “Select from Existing Campaign” drop-down. Easy, right?

2. Options Two and Three: Pull UTM_Campaign from pre-selected tags #

Sometimes your Campaign Name Taxonomy consists of multiple components, including {year}-{region}-{language}-{country}-{state}-{brand}-{campaigntype}-{customertype)…. and more.

How Can You Help Your Team Remember All Those Important Elements? #

Use our Custom Tags and the Automated UTM_Campaign name generation feature instead.

Auto-Pull from Custom Tags: Tag Genius #

Campaign Name Taxonomy hard to remember? No worries! Use our Custom Tags and unleash the Automated UTM_Campaign magic:

  • Create custom tags for your UTM Campaign taxonomy components.
  • Pop in values.
  • Drag-and-drop for a genius campaign name. No memory gymnastics required!

How Do You Build Your Tracking Links Using This Feature? #

Easy! Go to our UTM Builder dashboard and you will see in the “Campaign name” area the pre-populated custom tags that will automatically generate your UTM_Campaign value.

As soon as you select values for each custom tag – they will be combined to generate your UTM_Campaign! No typing, no need to remember what goes into your campaign naming convention!

In this brief tutorial I will show you how to generate utm_campaign value from pre-set tags and avoid memorizing or typing it every single time when you create links. For more information, visit www.campaigntrackly.com

Watch The UTM_Campaign Video #

Combo Mode: Type Friendly, Generate Smart #

Mix manual charm with auto-genius. Type in your UTM Builder Dashboard a friendly display title while our platform cooks up the smart UTM_campaign value. Best of both worlds!

3. Option 4 – Pull UTM_Campaign From Your CRM Convention #

This feature is for complex naming conventions requiring integration with 3rd party platforms like SalesForce, WorkFront, and more. It is recommended for Enterprise teams. If you have questions regarding setting up this workflow, please contact us at support@campaigntrackly.com.

4. Dive Deeper: Enrich Your Knowledge #

Hungry for more? Check out our utm_campaign blog for pro tips and a tutorial that comes with a quiz. Sharpen your skills and master the tagging art.

Ready to rock your tagging game? UTM_campaign – your ultimate ally for precision tracking. Let’s tag smarter, not harder!

Tagging tales end here, but your journey continues. Up next, unravel the magic of utm_channel tags. 🚀

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