03.How to Find Your Way Around CampaignTrackly

We recommend that you review the following chapters from Section 1 – Getting Started:

  1. While you can skip the UTM parts, you can greatly benefit from the walkthrough videos about the platform’s menus and setup.
  2. Get in contact with us – we have many features which we release only based on customer request and we might already have the features that you need. Feel free to schedule a demo with us by clicking here.
  3. Email us or chat us with any questions, we are on a mission to help you build the best link tracking strategy ever.

Your Menu Structure Will Be Slightly Different #

Your menu structure will be slightly different because you won’t have the UTM tag groups. Your Tag creation options will also be simplified to just one option.

Questions/Comments? Setting up CampaignTrackly should be fairly easy, but do feel free to contact us at support@campaigntrackly.com at any time.

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