02. Bulk-Export Your Tagged Links


 Bulk-exporting/downloading tagged links from CampaignTrackly #

We give you four options to export your links: #

 – Export all the links in your campaign via a .CSV file from your Individual Campaign Page

 – Export only the links you need via a .CSV file from your Individual Campaign Page

 – Auto-export daily/weekly all your campaigns via Google Drive, SFTP or Zapier.

 – Export ALL campaigns and all links with a single push of your button from your Campaigns table dashboard.

Exporting everything with a single push of your button: #

Exporting all links in one go

Exporting all your links is super easy, just click the purple Export Campaign button and you are all set.

You will download a. CSV file that will include:

  • all the tags, your long link and short link (if you are using a shortener
  • It will have date of creation
  • If you are using our Ctrly shortener – it will also show you countries and clicks

Exporting Only the Links that You need #

Exporting only select links

Sometimes, campaigns have hundreds of links. And you only need to export a few at a time.

So we give you the option to search the links you need and select which ones to export – easy-peasy!

Auto-exporting your links to downstream applications #

We also give you the ability to send:

  • daily/weekly all your campaign links to your downstream applications via a SFTP (available in Settings>Usage Reports)
  • daily send of all campaigns to Google Drive
  • Use of Zapier to connect to other applications and schedule daily/weekly campaign exports.

This concludes our Bulk-export tutorial. Contact us with any questions at support@campaigntrackly.com

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