00. Adobe Analytics Setup in CampaignTrackly

1. Intro and Converting Your Spreadsheets #

Adobe Analytics users have a different way of setting their Marketing Channels in their Adobe Analytics platform when compared to what Google Analytics users do.

Adobe has defined how marketing channels are tracked in their Admin>Reports Area.

  • That necessitates that marketers who use Adobe Analytics for their performance tracking, will, in most cases, not use UTM tags to generate customer insights.
  • They might need to use different query string parameters for each different channel.

2. CampaignTrackly helps you convert your tracking spreadsheet into a dynamic library in less than 4 hours #

CampaignTrackly’s “Customer Tags” setup empowers Adobe Analytics marketers to upload all their tracking tags into our platform in a quick and seamless way. If a taxonomy is already in place, your tag master sheet needs to be broken down into a spreadsheet per tag group, with values saved as .CSV files and imported into our platform.

  • For example, your Languages Tag Group has all these values that can be uploaded into our platform using the “hidden” custom tag:

Watch the video showing you how to add the Languages Values: #

3. How Long Does it Take To Convert Your SpreadSheet #

Time required:

  1. Break spreadsheet into separate CSV files – up to 30-40 minutes to copy 10 tags with their values and paste into separate sheets
  2. Create Custom Tag Groups into CampaignTrackly – up to 15 minutes for about 10 tags with their values
  3. Upload the CSV files to populate the values in each Tag group – up to 30 minutes for about 10 tags
  4. Create your campaign templates that will replace your if/then spreadsheet logic – 2 minutes per template:
    • For example, if your spreadsheet dictates that
      • if Region is: AMERICAS, then only USA, Canada, and Brazil show up for tagging
      • In your template you can select the Americas region and under countries you can select only the 3 countries out of your full list of countries.

Watch the video showing you how to use Campaign Templates to fulfill your conditional logic #

Once your tags and templates are ready, how long to get ready to start building links #

  1. Go to Settings>Teams to assign names to your teams, assign team permissions, and to invite your team members – 20 minutes for 10-15 members.
  2. Once your team members are added to the platform, you will receive email notifications.
  3. If team members cannot find an invite – they can go ahead and register for a FREE account with us and you can then simply add their email to convert them to membership with yout account
  4. Assign Admins for each team – 2 minutes / team
  5. Use the “copy” tag function next to your name in the Team Member table to copy all your tags to everyone on the team – 2 minutes.
  6. You can also let separate teams have their own tag groupings – should take up not more than an hour for them to get setup.
  7. Every team must create their own templates – should take up not more than 2 minutes per template

Total Setup Time #

If everything is in place and you have your team members, tag taxonomy, rules for Tag settings and requirements, and if/then rules, you can ready your CampaignTrackly account to work in one work day.

Questions? Comments? Happy to support you – email us at support@campaigntrackly.com.

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