01 Adobe Analytics Tagging

We have profoundly changed our offering for Adobe Analytics users. #

  • We have simplified how Adobe users can build their tags and are phasing away our previous setup where users had to build tracking tag pages.
  • Now they can use a simple interface to create theur Adobe or “custom” tags.
  • Once they are ready, they can procees to building their tagging templates that can utilize an unlimited number of CID or IAD combinations.
  • Once their templates are ready, they can proceed to building their tracking links in seconds.
  • If oud Adobe customers have an established taxonomy – they can get started with us in as little as a week.

What to Expect: #

  • Meet with us to go over your requirements. We will come back with a proposal regarding your tags and templates in a friendly spreadsheet, that will look something like this:
  • Go over our spreadsheet and let us know if you are oK with how we have translated your taxonomy.
  • Once we are aligned, we will send you a customized booklet that will have everything:
    • Welcome information
    • Info about our company, pricing, test account, users access, plan for roll out
    • Access to training videos to get you started fast
    • Info about our technical setup + everything else you need for Procurement, IT, Security teams, and more.
    • It will look something like this:

Next Steps #

  • We will create a test account, will put all your custom tags in and will invite your team to test – for FREE
  • If you want SSO – we will need to share documentation to get that setup for you
  • If you want connection with Adobe to see results – we will need to connect with your Adobe developers as well

Once everything is in place – you can start tagging! #

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