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09 Bulk-Tag Your Social Media Schedule (with Hootsuite’s Bulk Composer)

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Bulk Composer is the improved version of Hootsuite’s function enabling its users to bulk-upload their schedule in order to see some efficiencies and save time.

Bulk Composer is excellent, as it lets users create their daily or even weekly schedule in Excel, save it as .CSV and then upload it directly into Hootsuite (up to 350 posts for paid users and up to 30 for free users). Once successfully uploaded, the schedule auto-populates into the app’s schedule and can run on its own without any additional time required to set it or activate it.

With CampaignTrackly’s Bulk-Tagging feature for Bulk Composer, Hootsuite users can now upload their .CSV file into CampaignTrackly, quickly drag and add various tracking tags to their multiple links in a manner of seconds, generate their tracking links and shortener urls and send everything directly to Hootsuite, using our “Send to Hootsuite” button.

See for yourself how it works:

  1. Create your schedule in Excel and save as a .CSB format.
  2. Go to CampaignTrackly and Upload the Schedule
  3. Drag and drop your tags
  4. Hit Save
  5. Hit the “Send to Hoosuite” Button.