02. Edit, Export or Share Existing Campaigns

Editing, Exporting and Sharing Your Tagged Links #

CampaignTrackly gives you plenty of tools that enable you to edit your campaigns – such as edit the category, add more links – whether individual or in bulk, export your tagged campaigns into a .CSV file, share directly via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Buffer, as well as sort and delete tagged links.

1. How to edit a campaign (add new link to existing campaign at any time) #

  1. Go to All Campaigns where all your campaigns are stored
  2. From the table in  app.campaigntrackly.com/campaigns, click on a desired campaign to be redirected to its page
  3. You will be taken to a new page, where you will see “various editing options – like a button which allows you to add more links to the campaign, export the existing links, view QR codes, etc.”Add Links” – a button that allows you to add a new link to any existing campaign!

This is where you can add a link/links to an existing campaign: #

2. How to Export Desired Campaign Links or All Links #

From your campaign’s individual page, select “Export Campaign” to open a drop-down menu that will allow you to select the columns you want to include in your export csv file. Use the 3 vertical dots to re-shuffle/re-arrange the order of your file.

You can export your tracking info for ALL links. You can also use the check list at the beginning of every row to only export specific links.

    3. Sharing Campaign Links #

    You can share directly each individual link by clicking on the “copy” button under it. A social icon might be also available if this is a social link – to make it easier for you to share the link directly to either Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

    You can also use our API or direct connections to SFTP and Google Sheets to automatically export ALL campaigns in a desired application. Contact us with any questions if you need automated campaign feed to your downstream applications.

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