How to Use Us – Recommended Resources

1. Find Your Way Around CampaignTrackly.

– Watch this brief walk through the main menus and pages:

View Onboarding Steps

Download Onboarding Checklist

2. All Our Videos are a Click Away.

– You can always access our onboarding video library here

Try your first campaign here:

Build a Tracking Campaign

3. Grab-n-Tag the URL of any website

– This brief video shows you how to “grab-n-tag” web links in seconds:

4. Right-click Any Web-page Link to Grab-n-Tag It

– Watch how our Edge and Chrome extensions let you grab-n-tag any link on your page.

5. Save Even More Time with Templates

– Watch to see how you can create templates so you don’t have to memorize tag combinations, names or any rules at all!

6. See How to Build Tracking Links for Video

– Watch this tutorial to see how to create tags, templates and video campaigns i no time

7. How to Build Tracking Links for Blogs

– Watch the tutorial to see how you can take advantage of our tagging tmeplates to fuel your productivity

8. How to Process Email Links in One Go

– Watch this video to see how easy it is to create tracking links in emails – lots of great automation especially for you.