00. View, Print, Email and Manage Tagged Links Reports

Type of Reports and How to Use Them #

Our Reports section enables you to visualize how your tagging campaigns are performing with the help of our automated connection with Google Analytics & Bitly. While we do not have access to your Google Analytics account, as long as you are successfully connecting CampaignTrackly and Google Analytics you will be able to have a pretty cool overview of your links performance.

Requirements for being able to view reports: #


1. Once you start promoting your campaign, to be able to track it in CampaignTrackly, you need to activate it in Reports. #


  • In Reports, you have a dashboard page that gives you a snapshot of your activated campaigns in the last 60 days. In it,  you can see campaign performance by name, source, medium, goals, as well as every campaign’s bounce rates.
  • For convenience, we have easy pagination & sort options – very similar to what we have in Campaigns.
  • To get your dashboard started, please make sure you are tracking each campaign – see p. 2.
In the beginning, your Reports section will be empty. Don’t worry, as you add more campaigns it will look like this picture.


2. To activate your campaign, scroll down to the Campaign list section of Reports. #

  • As soon as you create a campaign – it will be listed in Reports
  • You have to activate it to get the data & insights


3. Once you Click to Activate Report, you need to confirm the Google Analytics account you are using for this particular campaign #

  • You might be managing multiple accounts or properties  – if you are a larger business or an agency
  • Note – if you don’t see anything on this page, this means that you are not connected or logged into your Google Analytics. Please check your connection in Settings or contact us asap.



4. Once you activate the report, if you see an EMPTY table, don’t get disappointed!!!:)) #

  • It takes a bit of time for the data to pass into CampaignTrackly (also, people need to actually be clicking and engaging with your links:))
  • If, for some reason you are promoting your campaigns, but you are not seeing any data here, please contact us for troubleshooting and help.
  • If you other campaigns are raking clicks and goals, but this one is still staying at zero, check to make sure that:
    • you have set up the right web property;
    • this might mean there is something wrong with your campaign – your link, landing page, or you might need to optimize it.


5. This is how your campaign list will look like if you have NOT activated your campaigns: #


6. Once you start adding more campaigns, your campaign list should look like this: #

  • This set up allows you to see immediately if a campaign is performing well or lagging in traffic generation.



7. As soon as you see that a campaign has clicks, click on the report icon to see more info about it: #

  • Browse through the tabs to see your source, medium, content
  • If you have multiple links in a campaign, you will see much richer data and be able to campare directly channels or assets
  • Change reporting dates from the drop-down menu at the top



8. Here is an example of a campaign that is leveraging 2 channels: #



When Will I start Seeing Data in the Reports #

  1. Once you start using the tracking links to promote your campaign, give yourself about 24 hours so that Google Analytics can start collecting the data for you.
  2. There is a bit of a delay in how Google Analytics presents stats, especially with the free edition of the analytics suite. Therefore, you will need to wait a day before you see the results into the CampaignTrackly reports tab.
  3. CampaignTrackly reads your Google Analytics Campaigns Data once every 60 minutes, 24×7, so you should have pretty up-to-date numbers when you open your reports.


Can I Email or Download Reports #

Yes, you can. Please use the Email/Download PDF links available on every individual Report page for each campaign to use these features. #

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