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12. Archiving Campaigns

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Some of our customers create hundreds of campaigns each year, which could make it hard to track and view all campaigns and their performance.

We have added a lot of features to help with campaign management – like Categories, dynamic search, sorting, etc.

But this archiving feature makes sure that you keep your old campaigns out of the way by archiving them, so that you can manage your campaign overload.

We are happy to report that Archiving is now available immediately to all customers.

How to Use

    • Head over to Settings
    • Click on the Archive Tab
    • Create your archiving folders one by one, by clicking the “Add Folder” button.
    • Name each archiving folder.


  • As a next step, review your campaigns via the table underneath your Folders and use the checklist selection function to select the campaigns you want to move.



  • Use the button under the table to move the selected campaigns into the archiving folder of your choice with a single click of you mouse.
  • Refresh your page and you will see all you campaigns have been moved in the appropriate folder. Easy-Peasy.