02. Adobe Tracking Videos

We provide the following videos that will help you set up your Adobe Analytics in as little as a day – if you have a taxonomy in place.

Creating Your Tags #

  1. Create Hidden Value Tags

In this brief video, I will show you how to create in seconds a hidden value custom tag library. Hidden value or vanity tags, enable you to provide friendly names for tags like SalesForce Campaign ID or Vendor ID that have to be an alphanumeric identifier, number or code. To remove confusion, you pair your ID or code with a friendly name that your users can leverage during tagging instead of trying to memorize or hop through platforms and applications to find the right number/identifier. These tags are mostly used by Adobe Analytics marketers to accommodate Adobe’s tracking model which is different from Google Analytics’ UTM tracking model. Watch this video to see how easy it is to use CampaignTrackly to build a best-in-class tracking strategy by creating all sorts of UTM and custom tags.Contact us at support@campaigntrackly.com to continue.

2. Alphanumeric Tags

In this brief video, I will show you how you can build your tracking tag library in seconds, by using CampaignTrackly’s tag upload function. We offer a large variety of custom tags to enable you to build a sophisticated link tracking strategy in no time. You can use the variety of tag types to build numeric, alphanumeric, hidden value, and multi-value tags. For more information, visit: www.campaigntrackly.com

3. Alphanumeric Tags

In this brief video, I will show you how to create and save alphanumeric tags in your tagging library using CampaignTrackly’s tracking link building platform. Many marketing teams want to specific vanity, alphanumeric or multi-value tags to their tracking links. We are helping you automate this process to drive better data quality and ease of use. For more info, head over to www.campaigntrackly.com

Creating Your Campaign Templates and Links in Seconds #

In this brief video, I will show you how easy it is to create Adobe Analytics campaign URLs so that you can track the performance of your digital campaigns in your Adobe Analytics platform. Adobe’s way of reading tracking links is a bit different than the UTM method that Google Analytics uses. CampaignTRackly is providing an extremely easy way for Adobe Analytics users who build marketing campaigns to create tracking links in seconds – eliminating errors, bottlenecks and bad quality data insights thanks to our automation platform. Visit www.campaigntrackly.com to start your free trial today.

Questions? Comments: Please be sure to contact us at support@campaigntrackly.com

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