01. View Google Analytics Reports by Campaign


Viewing Individual Campaign Google Analytics Reports in CampaignTrackly #

This ultra-short animated Gif will show you how we used to pull GA data into the app’s database to display these reports for you: #



What has changed? #

We no longer pull-to-store your campaign data from your GA account. Now every time you need to see reports, the app pulls your data for you from your GA account (live, latest, up-to-date data) to ensure complete accuracy. #

For this to work, you need to connect to your GA account in the Settings page first.

– You can now select to see campaigns from MULTIPLE Google Analytics Accounts – default is 2, unlimited available for extra charge.

– You see your latest, most accurate data available.


– You can now see ALL your Goals related to custom campaigns.

– You can also toggle campaign data between GA accounts.

– Clicking the “stats” icon takes to each campaign’s individual page for more information.


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