03. Send an Email Alert When a New Campaign is Created


Sending an Email Alert When a New Campaign is Created #

When you work with stakeholders or in a team, sometimes it is necessary to alert people when their¬†campaign gets created. Thanks to our integration with Zapier, we can help you make that happen automatically – so you don’t have to do that manually every time you create a new campaign.

Currently, one way to do that is to connect CampaignTrackly with Gmail and use this connection to send out an alert when a new campaign gets created. The alert can have unlimited emails on copy.

We have pretty much automated the whole process for you and you don’t need a programmer to set this up for you – as long as you follow our easy tutorial below. Just follow the steps and you can connect CampaignTrackly with Gmail in 3 minutes or less using Zapier. It is that easy!


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