03. Review, Re-use and Add More Links to a Campaign


Reviewing, Re-using and Adding More Links to Campaigns #

1. Adding a Link/Links to an existing campaign on the app site. #

Once you have created your campaign, you can always come back to access, re-use, or edit your links. #

  • To do that from the app.campaigntrackly.com site, find your campaign via the main Campaigns page. If you are using the Chrome extension, please find below the Chrome Extension paragraph.
  • Click on the Edit Campaign icon to get to your Individual Campaign Dashboard.


Once into the single campaign view, you can reuse your links if you like by copy/pasting them. If you need a new link, click “Add new link” to add manually a single link. #


As you can see from the image below, your campaign name has been pre-populated for you. All you need to do is add your link and tags – and you are set to go. #



2. Adding a link to existing campaign using Chrome Extension, aka the “Link Grabber”. #

If you have to add a single link, we recommend that you use our Chrome Extension, the “Link Grabber” to capture your link and auto-add it to the Tagging Dashboard.

Right-click the link to auto-capture it from any page, or grab the web address of the page by clicking on the Chrome Extension as shown in the image below.

  • Your link is auto-captured
  • Your Tagging Dashboard is auto-opened
  • Just select the campaign you need to add the link to, add your tags and save.


3. Reusing your links #

If you need to re-use your links, simply click on the “edit” icon of your Campaign in the Campaigns Dashboard. From the individual Campaign View, you can export all your tagged links or you can directly copy and paste them to the platform you want to promote them on.

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