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13. How to Pay for Your Subscription

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Payment & Setup Process

Our free plans only offer 25 campaigns. Every campaign can have multiple links, however even with that option, your campaign numbers are limited and after you reach 25, you will be asked to move to a paid account.

When you are ready to upgrade to a paid subscription plan, you can go to your account to select the plan that you need.

We offer 3 ways for you to purchase plans:

– Manual/Offline: Majority of our team clients work with us based on a PO + Bank transaction setup. This is an offline process and requires that we send you a pro-forma invoice/contract that has to be endorsed by both companies.

Once this is done, we provide you with our financial information, so you can enter us  in your system as an approved vendor. After we get approved, your Purchasing department will issue a PO, which will be communicated to us.

When we receive the PO number, we will submit the invoice to you and your setup will start.

Within this process, we will help onboard you, introduce you to all features, and train you on how to use our tool. We will also implement a few custom features you might need to meet your needs. This is all part of the setup.

Once you feel comfortable using the tool, you can either train your team yourself or use us as your resource.

If you are looking for a monthly engagement, have up to 5 people on your team, and do not require custom features or special training/setup, you can pay online directly.

– Stripe Checkout (do it yourself using credit card): We use Stripe Checkout, where you can directly enter your payment information after selecting the team package you need.  Once payment is processed, you can go to your Subscriptions page in your account to see if your payment has gone through. If all is well you will now have your new plan reflected in the Subscriptions tag of your Account.

– Paypal (do it yourself using credit card): We offer Paypal for those customers who prefer to route their payments through the Paypal checkout. We have a standard setup, which should work similar to the way it works for you with your other vendors.