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08. The Hootsuite Integration & How to Use It

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Integrate with Hootsuite to Bulk-Tag your Social Media Schedule in Seconds and Send to Hootsuite Publisher with a Push of a Button

CampaignTrackly provides seamless integration with Hootsuite that enables you to save a lot of time on link tagging and sending your already finalized social schedule to Hootsuite’s Scheduling Calendar.

Hootsuite offers bulk-scheduling (Hootsuite Composer) to busy social media specialists handling dozens of links at a time and managing multiple social platforms.

What they don’t offer is automated tagging of these links that would enable marketers to report effectively any traffic and clicks brought into their owned or non-owned web properties.

Our integration with Hootsuite allows busy marketers to automate the tagging process eliminating the need to add extra steps in their process by building tracking Google docs that connect to Bitly or switching between software platforms and computer programs to accomplish this much-needed task.

In this brief 5-minute video, you can see how to:

  • Connect to Hootsuite in less than 10 seconds
  • Prepare your Social Schedule for import into CampaignTrackly and Hootsuite, using the Hootsuite Composer Template (yes, we built this feature specifically for this template!)
  • Load your multiple links and tag them in seconds
  • Send your tagged and ready links into Hootsuite with a push of a button.