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07. The Promo Tags

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07. Creating and Using Promo Tags

Promo Tags enable our customers to track on-site campaigns, such as banners and buttons. Need to understand how Promo Tags create value for you and your team? Read our blog post. 

Onsite campaigns include homepage banners, side-column banners, buttons and other calls to action that you feature on your owned properties.

By “owned properties”, we mean websites that you have claimed and confirmed ownership of on the Google Analytics, Bing and other Web Master tools. Because you own them, you can add analytics tracking code to them and view reports about their performance.

Conversely, if you are promoting a link on someone else’s website, you cannot view analytics reports because you cannot add your tracking code since you don’t own the property. In those cases, you would use UTM tags to track any clicks coming from that promotion. For more info on UTMs, go to our Channel Tags tutorial.

To prove that you “own” a property you or your team will be asked by the online search engines to either upload a special tracking file on the server where your website is hosted, or add snippets of code at your domain level. For more info on claiming ownership, please go to this Google Webmaster page.

CampaignTrackly offers several ways to manage your Promo Tags.

    • Create your Promo tags in our Settings Area (Settings>Promo Tags). The process is simple and intuitive and you can add as many tags as you need. Note, you can also create Promo tags while you are tagging your links directly in the tagging dashboard. You are required to have at least one tag variable setup for each of the 4 Promo Tags  in Settings before you can do that.
    • Go to either “Single” or “Internal” link Tagging Dashboards to create your links. “Internal is recommended. Single is more adept to cases when you use our Chrome extension.


    •  In your Single Link Tagging Dashboard, you can click on your pre-saved tags.


    • In Internal Tagging Dashboard you can drag and drop them.


    • Once you add your Promos, they will be auto-tagged and if you are connected to your Bitly shortener, our app will also automatically shorten your links. And that’s all! You are now ready to use the links with your internal campaigns.