02. Team Permissions Management

If you have a team plan, whether it is Enterprise level or Pro level, it is important to decide if you want your team members to be able to add/create tags or not – to ensure uniformity for your tracking strategy. To address your needs, we have a special feature, “Team Level Permissions”, which can be accessed by the superadmin/owner of the account from the Teams Page:

1. Go to Account Settings>Manage Team #

  • Once on the page, click the Team-Level Permissions button to manage menu access and tag creation permissions for your team
Go to Account Settings>Manage Team and Look for the Gear Icon

2. When you are on the Permissions page, use the following functions: #

  1. You can click “Yes” to give everyone on the team the privilege to create any tags/tag groups.
    • You can limit only specific tags from being created by selecting them in the bar underneath
  2. By default, your team members will not be able to create any tags.
Click “Yes” to allow everyone on the team to create any tags. Select from your available tag groups to limit certain important tag groups, like SalesForce ID or other central reporting tags that should not be edited/created by your teams.

3. Use the sliders to hide certain menu items from your menu on the left #

  • Hide Term Tags will currently hide both Term and Content Tags in the tagging dashboards
  • Hide Banner/Button Tags will hide these options from the SIngle-link (Extension) tagging dashboard)
  • The other options can help simplify your team’s experiences by hiding some of the admin menus or certain tagging dashboard menus.

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