01. Tagging as a Team

Teams – Overview #

The Account Settings>Manage Team page enables you to add more members to your account and share your campaigns, tags, and reporting activities. #

Here is a brief video outlining team access management:

How to Get a Team #

Teams are a paid feature and are meant for co-workers that work together on producing marketing campaigns and/or managing the marketing ops of link management.

When you click on any of the team Pro plan options (from two to 10 members), you will be taken to our shopping cart. After payment is completed, you can immediately head back to Account Settings>Manage Team and you will see that now you have an option to enter the email addresses of your team members.

Upon entering and saving the email addresses, your team members will receive an invite to join you @CampaignTrackly, and you can all start working together in a manner of minutes.

Go to Account Settings>Manage Team to add a team member

Team Payment & Setup Process #

How to Purchase a Paid Team Plan #

Enterprise Team Setup #

Manual/Offline: Majority of our team clients work with us based on a PO + Bank transaction setup. This is an offline process and requires that we send you a pro-forma invoice/contract that has to be endorsed by both companies. This most frequently works with large enterprise teams. Learn more about this process here.

We will follow your procurement process, so you can enter us in your system as an approved vendor. After we get approved, your Purchasing department will issue a PO, which will be communicated to us.

When we receive the PO number, we will submit the invoice to you and your setup will start.

While this process it taking place, in parallel, we will work to onboard your team, introduce you to all features, and train you on how to use our tool. We will also implement a few custom features you might need to meet your needs. This is all part of the initial setup.

Once you feel comfortable using the tool, you can either train your team yourself or use us as your resource.

Pro Team Setup #

If you are looking for a monthly or yearly engagement where you have up to 10 people on your team, and do not require custom features or special training/setup, you can pay online directly.

Stripe Checkout (do it yourself using credit card): We use Stripe Checkout, where you can directly enter your payment information after selecting the team package you need.  Once payment is processed, you can go to your Subscriptions page in your account to see if your payment has gone through. If all is well you will now have your new plan reflected in the Subscriptions tag of your Account.

Once the order goes through, you will have 14 days free to assess fit and options for you and your team. The payment will not go into effect until after 14 days. This is to make sure that you feel comfortable and can change your mind without any worries or concerns. Your ability to add team members will be instantaneous after the order is underway. Just go to Account Settings>Manage Team to get started.

How to Invite Team Members #

Adding your team members to your account – a quick and easy exercise #

  • When you go to Account Settings>Manage Team you will see that there are empty fields where you can enter the email addresses of your members.
  • Every user will receive an invite to create an account after you submit their email addresses. When they have activated their accounts with CampaignTrackly, you as an admin will receive an email notification, so you can go and edit their permissions.
  • Sometimes invites get lost in spam – you can ask your team member to create a FREE account, and then you can just register their email with your team – again from the Manage Team page.

Team Level Permissions #

Whether you are in a team within an Enterprise account with multiple teams or in a simple Pro account, the rules for every team are the same: team-members share access to templates, tags, and campaigns by default.

There are certain things that could be limited to the users who are not admins. They are set up at TEAM level, as well as INDIVIDUAL level.

Team level permissions relate to tag creation and access to certain menus. View the team permissions set up in detail here.

Individual Team-Member Permissions #

Super Admin + Admin for Every Team #

You can create a second admin who will not have access to payment information, but can manage everything else – including adding and deleting members, creating categories, editing member permissions.

To do that, just go to your Manage Team page and click on the Set as Admin blue link in the Status column of the table against a user email to assign them as “admin”. You can easily swap admin roles between team members.

Account-level Campaigns and Tag Management #

You can have very granular permissions for every single member #

To manage individual team member access, go to your Manage Team page and click on the “edit” icon in the Member Actions column against their name. See below.

This icon takes you to the individual permissions page for every user. There you will see a user’s email address and will be able to provide very granular-level custom access to that individual team member.

  • You can provide members with global permissions for campaigns, as well as local permissions (based on category level access)
  • You can provide members with global permissions for campaigns, as well as local permissions (based on category level access)
  • You can authorize your members to have full access to tags – create, hide, unhide, export and import or only perform limited actions.
  • You can use Categories to provide select team members access to only specific groups of campaigns depending on Markets, Countries, Industries, Product Categories, etc.,  to reduce clutter and simplify user experiences.


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