02. Standardize Tag Formatting

1. Consistent Formatting Across All Links with a Few Clicks. #

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can centralize formatting rules for all your tracking tags with a few simple and easy clicks.

Watch the video tutorial here: #

2. Why Tag Formatting is Critical to the Success of Your Operation #

Simplify Your Tagging for Effective Tracking #

Tagging might sound complex, but it’s all about keeping things consistent and accurate. Here’s a straightforward guide to master tagging for flawless reporting:

1. Campaign Naming: Keep It Clear When naming campaigns, establish conventions. For instance, adding creation dates or channel names. This clarity makes comparing performance easy. Group campaigns by duration (year, quarter, etc.) and set naming rules for smooth tracking.

2. Font Case: Uniformity Matters Choose a font case style and stick to it. Capitalizing each word, going all lowercase, or using dashes or underscores between words are popular choices. Consistency ensures your links stay healthy and reporting stays accurate.

3. Automatic Setup: Effortless Formatting Access Tag Formatting in Settings. Standardize formats in seconds:

  • Choose sentence, lower, or title case.
  • Set word separation via hyphens, underscores, or plus signs.
  • Define mandatory tags.
  • Tailor formatting exceptions for special cases.

Streamline your tagging game effortlessly and maintain clear, consistent reporting. Ready to supercharge your tracking? Let’s get tagging!

Tagging made simple. Your data, your success.

This tutorial concludes the introduction to our Tag Formatting feature. Please progress to the next tutorial to continue your onboarding.

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