eBook: 60+ Smart & Easy Ways to Generate More Leads

60  highly effective marketing campaign ideas

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Are you tired of searching the net for the best ways to generate more leads?

The answer is simple: run more marketing campaigns!

Not sure how? Use these ultra effective marketing campaign ideas, lead magnets, and CTAs to roll out more campaigns and to keep gaining:

  • More traffic
  • More leads
  • More sales

What lead generation ideas & tactics are included:

  • Over 60 ways to generate more leads via marketing campaigns from the experts:
    • 15 powerful real-life lead magnet campaign examples from some of the top marketing players in the industry
    • 46 proven marketing campaign ideas that have been compiled from numerous reliable marketing resources
  • 100 action-generating CTAs that work every single time

How it was created:

Our list has been compiled using resources from reputable digital marketing experts & organizations, including, but not limited to:

Who will benefit from these 60 proven ways to generate more leads:

  • Digital marketing, social media, campaign, and event managers, as well as demand generation and acquisition teams

What are you getting:

  • A free 16-page PDF booklet featuring an impressive collection of 15 explosive real-life lead magnets, 46 tried and tested marketing campaign ideas, and over 100 action-generating CTAs. With it, you will never run out of campaign ideas.
  • Plus a bonus: An excellent campaign planning MS Excel workbook that automates the calculation of anticipated campaign visibility, traffic, clicks, and conversions across 9 promotional channels. It helps you keep focused on your objectives and lets you optimize your lead gen efforts in less time.

How to use it:

  • The campaign ideas are meant to be used with the calls to action (CTA) that accompany them. Some campaigns have multiple CTA choices in case you would like to A/B test.
  • Open the Campaign ROI workbook in Excel. It has clear instructions included in it that will tell you what values you will need to enter to calculate how likely your campaign is to make a splash based on the size of your budget and the performance of your assets. For more information, please read our Campaign ROI Calculator blog.

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